Travel to Kyushu West Japan



Just when planning travel to Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Sasebo and Nagasaki of Kyushu area on Golden Week (GW), Earthquake in Kumamoto has occurred on April 14.
After watching the episode that was covering the Kumamoto Castle in BURATAMORI one day, wanted to tour of in conjunction with the KANKORE, which is relationship with Sasebo and Nagasaki. Anyway, it's very unfortunate.
But 2 weeks from the earthquake, the result of summarizing the information, it is determined that there is no danger, such as a problem in particular travel if the north of Kyushu. Recently I was dared Sasebo, Nagasaki, Fukuoka and Kita-kyushu travel of Kyushu area.

The morning of April 29, when the GW began, starting towards the Osaka Izumiotsu Port car ferry departs. At 7:00 in order to catch the set time of 17:00 was starting Shizuoka. Although most high-speed road, since goin to the West-Japan area called "Kansai" region, prepared to Nagoya-bashiri (bashiri = driving style) and Osaka-bashiri, so that could be avoided fueled fight or assault. I did my best to Kiken-Yochi (Risk prediction) driving. (From arriving in Kyushu area was phenomenal civil driving)


Car ferry was sometimes experienced by Surugawan ferry. However, a full-fledged ones with accommodation rather was the first. So excited. (as sexually)

  無事乗船してびっくり、まさか公衆風呂が付いてたのにはマジで驚いた。 I was surprised boarding to is that it was equipped with a public bath. I was really surprised.  
黄昏る独身のおっさん(たぶん) 俺の未来を見てるかのようだ(ぁ Twilight single old man (Probably) Such like my future (Shit)  
そして何気なく前を歩いてた若者。西木野真姫症候群真っ姫患者。 And young who had been walking in front. Seems Nishikino-Maki syndrome "Makki" (terminally ill) patients. (Play on words)  
そして無事明石海峡大橋をくぐり・・・ Safly pass under the Akashi Kaikyo bridge...  

Kita-kyushu~Shin moji port Ed.~

翌日6時に北九州・新門司港に接岸しました。セウォル号のようにならない日本すごい!(煽る) It was docked in the next day at 6 Kita-kyushu Shin moji port. Not like as be the Seworu (Korea's car ship, sank in 2014), Japan is amazing! (Stir up Korea)  
本州と結ぶ関門橋を無事写真に収めることができました。 Able to fit safely photograph the Kanmon Bridge, connecting the Honshu the main island of Jap.  
そんなわけで、本州山口県側(彦島)をバックにパシャリ Shooting in the back of the Yamaguchi Pref. (Hikojima) side.  
門司周辺のレトロ調な街並みを散策 Exploring the retro streets around Moji port.    
今期のアニメ「ハイスクール・フリート」を匂わせるこの並び! (意図してやってねーよ!アニメ脳死ね!) Look at this atmosphere, which cameos this term of anime "High school Fleet"! (They do not intended. Die anime freek!)

中継地点~大分県 太宰府天満宮~
Relay point ~Oita Pref. Dazaifu shrine~

学問の神様として菅原道真公を祭る大宰府天満宮に寄り道。元々は学問もクソもなかったそうですが、政治の陰謀でハメめられた道真くん(意味深)が、朝鮮からの海賊でよく戦いが起きてた 今でも暴力団とかで 危険な九州に左遷。その後病死?したため、亡骸を輸送してたらこの神社の前で牛が動かなくなったので めんどくさいから 葬ったら、神社の屋根に雷は落ちるわハメた奴の関係者が次々死ぬわで、こりゃ祟りだー!ってんで道真くんを神として祭り上げた。その後、道真くんはめっちゃ頭良かったなぁ・・・って信仰深い 商売上手な 人達が学問の神様がいるよーってRTした結果、今日の太宰府天満宮=学問の神様がいるところとして今でも多くの受験に苦しむJKが訪れるようになったのさ。


Side trip to Dazaifu shrine to enshrine Mr. Michizane Sugawara as the god of "Academic". Originally I heard academic also did not have shit, Mr. Sugawara Michizane that was involed in conspiracy of politics, he was relegated to dangerous area "Kyushu" even today which was attacked from Korean pirate. Then cows were stuck in front of this shrine in the middle that was transporting the dead body since died. Once buried in this place because of troublesome , lightning fell to the shrine of the roof and fitted to trap parties one after another die etc..., It's curse over! Then people started to worship Mr. Michizane Sugawara as god. After, people who faith and deep skillful for business were ReTweeted that Mr. Michizane Sugawara was so smart. As result, came to visit the high school girl suffer from many of the exam even now as a place where god of Dazaifu shrine = Academic today.

Local spare guide says



なお、本殿に向かう時に渡る3つの橋は「 ウルド 過去」「 ベルダンディ 現在」「 スクルド 未来」って呼ばれてて(あぁ女神様っ脳)、過去の自分の過ち、現在自分が反省すべきこと、未来に思い描く自分、を水面に思い浮かべながら通過すると良いそうです。また、本殿参拝の帰りは決してこの橋を通ってはならないそうです。過去の反省すべきことがまたやってきちゃうよ。


It should be noted that three of bridge over time towards the main hall called " Ould Past", " BellDanndy Current" and " Skuld Future". Past of their mistakes, is now their own things to reflect on, and may likely when it passes while imaginning myself envision in the future on the surface of the water pond.In addition, return of the main shrine worship is never so should not be through this bridge. Or would come to be past reflect on.

Local spare guide says  


I ate "The most tasty Hakata ramen in Kyushu" and Hakata dumplings, who ramen store said in front of Dazaifu station. Yes in fact, I wasn't impressed becausethe same store is also in Shizuoka. But home is delicious feel that.

福岡県の内陸部、クソ田舎。すごくいい!別荘ほしい。 Inland of Fukuoka Pref. Fucking country, Very good! Want villa in here.

Relay point ~Navy town of Sasebo~

Well, because "Haifuri (High School Fleet)" have headlines the world followed the "Kankore", would be no reason not to go the maritime self defence force Sasebo museum when come up here (Haifuri is coast guard anime, so does not matter). Sure enough, Kankore boys had been packed in a world war 2 library. In addition, Shooting ban. Beacause of after the US Smithsonian, I will think who museum or for.

Anyway, close to the US Navy Sasebo base. Terribly distinctive ship (right side) there was but I could not be excited because not at all in detail.


日本側にはDD-104 きりさめ が停泊しておりました。 DD-104 Kirisame was berthing in Jap side.

Probably the "Sasebo burger" when saying Sasebo!
I went to the shop where most had been posted on the top in the guide map.

I ate like royal road of Bacon cheese somehow. There it was not the taste such as honesty impressed. Still do not exceeded taste of the McDonald's BLT, which has been exhausted research!?

And shooted Omura base. Herd of SH and UH were amazing. Since the air group has been organized in Omura base, so amazing.

UH-60Jの朝練。増槽タンクかっこいい。 Morning practice of the UH-60J. Drop tank is cool.

続いてSH-60K。対潜哨戒機の特徴である磁気探知装置が花びらのようでかわいいですね。(適当に褒める) Followed by SH-60K. Magnetic detection system, which is a feature of anti-submarine patrol aircraft is cute like a petal. (Appropriately compliment)

The final point ~Nagasaki~

長崎電気軌道。ずっと朝の井の頭線みたいに混んでた。 Nagasaki Electric Tramway. It was crowded much like a morning Inokashira line.  
長崎ちゃんぽんを昼飯に・・・ Have Nagasaki chanpon for lunch...  
皿うどんをおやつに・・・(死ぬ) Have Sara udon for sweet...(Die)  
撮り鉄タイム1 Train photo part1  
撮り鉄タイム2 いや、これだけだけど Train photo part2 Sorry just two  
長崎名物 坂 Nagasaki specialities Sloping road  


In the sloping road in the middle of photo, when I restart on narrow was dying. Even pulled side brake flowing behind. Often fragrant scent of burnt clutch. Want to cry...

夜はパワースポット(空中線電力的な)へ Went Power spot at night (meens aerial power)   稲佐山から新世界三大夜景 New Night sigh of world from Inasa mountain
正直、ふーんて感じでした(ぉぃ 辰巳PAから望む高層マンション群のほうがいい気がする(震え Honestly, was felt Hmm (Hey Feel better in the highrise apartment group want from tatsumi PA (Trembling)  

Kyushu travel was like that. Huh? Warship island? unfortunately, that day has been canceled by heavy rain. Since was able the opportunity to visit.



Nagoya bashiri:Handling green light up to two seconds after the red light. Signal ignored.
Osaka bashiri:Drives while glared + Fast and furious
Kita-kyushu bashiri: Gangsters in the vehicle. Super dumb-ass car manners good.
Chikuho bashiri:Anytime, out the arm from the window like carpus strong appeal.
Fukuoka bashiri:Turn left in the pedestrain crossing entrainment is natural. Vulnerable road users, go to bed.
Kansai (West Japan) so scary.


旅行 ゴールデンウィーク 九州 カーフェリー 艦これ