加奈陀は近い 崇めれ



Canada's GDP are apparently less than half of Japan's & 1/10th of the US. I've been to such country.
さて、自分いるシアトルから北に2時間程行けば、 キアヌ・リーヴスの祖国「カナダ」があります。
午後半休のはずだったけど、この日も終日働いたボク偉い() About two hours north of Seattle from where I am, there is Keanu Reeves' home country, Canada. It was 6pm on Friday when I decided to entry the country to have experience of crossing border by driving vehicle. I was supposed to have half afternoon off, but I worked all day that day. WTF

Waiting at my vehicle before entry border checkpoint. How bright, around 8 PM.
Technically, the Canada border is a few hundred metres before the checkpoint.
In other word, I have already entered Canada before the checkpoint.
Well, there are only trees and grass.
Therefore, I should have a check to receive economic and tourism resources.

Followings are the stuff that you need to be prepare and complete it.
Crossing do not need any taxes or fees, it's free.
(1) Passport (2) Vaccination certificate (those without it must wait a few days & test negative) (3) Health information input results

Now the checkpoints started. I laid up next to the checkpoint window while still in the vehicle. Strictly speaking, after the car's front and rear were automatically photographed 10m before the checkpoint, the inspector (1) handed over your passport and you answered one or two questions and that was it. There was no mention of (2) or (3), and the process ended easily. The officer was probably using a computer to check question (3).
I thought "What? You don't carefully examine the inside of the car or anything!" I was disappointed. I imagined a border line that was always tense, with the cartels that give the city its name repeatedly entering the country for migrant transport and drug smuggling. (It's Columbia and Mexico-US border check only).
これなら 良く分からないブツとか超簡単に密入出来そうーっ☆って思いました。(ダメ絶対)
ちなみに カナダはおハーブOKな国なので、麻薬以外び密輸的な物資は無いのかも。
I thought, this would make it super easy to smuggle in products that I don't understand. (You should never do this). According to my friend, the only thing that can be smuggled into Canada that is profitable is American alcohol, which has a lower liquor tax than Canada. Incidentally, Canada is a country where herbs are also allowed, so there may be no smuggled goods other than drugs. I have heard that Washington State, where I live, also allows herbs as long as they are not home-grown. Maybe that's why.

Around 10 PM Vancouver city centre.  
この時点で ラリってる人は車道からは見かけませんでした(偏見)
So, we entered the country easily, stayed at a very cheap hotel in Vancouver as appropriate, and started our activities the next day. At this point, I did not see any perverts from the roadway (prejudice).

Aviation Museum of Canada.
ボクは博物館が好物なので、 なんとなくググって出て来た航空博物館に行きました。
感想: スゲーショボい 無料だけどショボ過ぎて全米が泣いた
色々調べたら、 首都オタワにある航空博物館が凄いらしい。
Impression: amazingly shambolic. It's free, but so shabby that the whole country cried. I did some research and found out that the Aviation Museum in the capital, Ottawa, is amazing. It's too far to drive there, so we'll have to endure here for now.

A dilapidated helicopter welcomes you.  

Unkempt, rusted or neglected exhibits.  

Only the torpedoe was beautiful.  

The indoor exhibition in the hangar is a basic World War II collection Mainly Cessna aircraft.
そのうち詳しいまとめページでも作りますかな。 価値ないかもだけど
そんな感じでちゃちゃっと1時間で見学を終えて、なんとなくググった「anime store」というキーワードで出て来た評価の高いお店へレッツらゴー。
本当に凄く行き当たりばったりです。 西新宿来てなにもやることが無い感じと同じ感覚。
Maybe I'll make a detailed summary page one of these days. It might be a waste of time, though. After finishing the tour in an hour, I kind of googled the keyword 'anime shop' and went to a shop with a good reputation. It was really random. It's the same feeling as coming to West Shinjuku and having nothing to do.


Run Run Loo(netmeme)

Ninja turtles.  
The shop seems to be a very famous toy shop with its decorations. There are no shops like this near Seattle, so I enjoyed it very much. In the US, the culture is that film = toys and toys = film, and it is the same in Canada. I am a film buff, so it was worth coming just to see the exhibits in the shop decorated according to various themes and stories.

It's kind of like a toy store version of the Village Vanguard. Full of well-stocked toys in every corner. No games software as a creed (there was software). It's nice, this kind of shop.

It helps that there are also original Uma Musume. (Lies, probably horse figures from that area).

There were aliens and it was scary.   日本と違い、実写映画 → コミック・フィギュアという文化なので、幼児向け玩具以外はほとんどが映画出身の何かだったり。
今更気付いたのは、日本で実写映画 → コミック・フィギュアはほぼ無いですよね。たぶん。
女子たちのじゅんじゅわー(古い)映画の海猿がBL化されてるぐらいですかネ?(おい) Unlike in Japan, the culture is live-action film -> comic book/figure, so almost everything is from the film except for toys for toddlers. I just realised that in Japan, there are almost no live-action film → comic book figures. Probably. The (old) film Umizaru has been bluray (bluray). (Hey).

At any rate, I did not do my homework and did not do my sightseeing, but this shop saved my life. Next time, I would like to plan a trip to Canada to visit the tourist resources properly.

そんな日曜日、CrunchrollでDr. STONEを観まくってるナウ。目が痛い。
On these Sundays, I watch Dr. STONE all over Crunchroll. My eyes hurt.

カナダ 国境 航空博物館 おもちゃ 玩具 映画