Anime Expo 2 というよりロサンゼルス日記


Supremeの帽子とかポスターとかTシャツのパロで[Senpai]という文字、謎にAnime Expoで沢山見かけた日本語です。
Strangely enough, I saw a lot of [Senpai] parodies of Supreme hats, posters, and T-shirts at Anime Expo. What is this? There was also "Hentai♡," oh...    さて、意外と早い更新スパンでビックリでしょ。ボクもビックリです←
Well, you must be surprised at the surprisingly fast update span. I am surprised too. Information is life, Therefore, freshness is important.You say?  
Stars, Stripes & California Bears   前回の日記の最後に、事故った事を書きましたネ。
正確には、 事故に巻き込まれたです。
At the end of my last diary, I mentioned that I had an accident. To be precise, I was involved in an accident. あ、怪我はないでが、 少し死ぬカモー☆彡っていう恐怖を味わった()
事故に遭う経緯ですが、というか、Anime Expoの当日の話なんですよね、コレが。
普段の生活は全く変わり映え無いので、 一気にイベント盛りだくさん(絶望)
I didn't hurt, however, I had a little fear of dying. This is the story of how I got into an accident after Anime Expo. My normal life is not different at all, so there are a lot of events going on at once (god...).

Bin in Los Angeles Mostly, mainly, often, usually, regularly, frequently this is bin in LA
~7月3日(日)~ 7/3
初参加のAnime Expoは十分に満喫したので、同日14時頃に会場を離れました。
会場近くのバス停からバスに乗車、40分ほど揺られて北上して ハリウッドの東側を目指しました。
Having thoroughly enjoyed my first Anime Expo, I left the venue around 2:00 p.m. the same day. I boarded a bus from a bus stop near the venue, and after a 40-minute ride, I headed north to the east side of Hollywood. The bus took longer than I expected because, as is typical in the U.S., there were many stops and the intervals between stations were short.  
ハリウッド地区を目指した理由、そう、 ロサンゼルスと言ったらダイハードですからね。
もう少し優しいラブロマンス映画だと、 スピードなんかもありますね()
コメディ調なら ラッシュアワーだ!(古い)
Why did you go for the Hollywood area? Yes, when I say Los Angeles, I mean Die Hard. For a gentler movie, there's Speed (or something like that). For a comedic tone, there's Rush Hour! (how old)
とにかく ダイハード大好きな私は、戦場の舞台となった ナカトミプラザを見る為に、ハリウッド地区を目指した。
Anyway, being a Die Hard lover, I set out for the Hollywood area to see Nakatomi Plaza, where the battlefield was set. By the way, I never considered going to Los Angeles a millimeter back in the day.
Hoving nothing to see (why don't you look at the general tourist resources...)


The Nakatomi Plaza, which is our destination, is correctly named Fox Plaza. It is the headquarters building of 20th Studio. I had no idea. The filming of Die Hard started in the year when the building was completed.

マクレーンがアル巡査部長のパトカーにテロリストのマルコを落としたアレ。 タラコ:マルコって言うんだよ?あたしと同じだねぇ~
I look at the parking lot from a far distance because I thought trespassing or something. That thing where Mc Lane dropped Marco, the terrorist, in Sgt. Al's patrol car. You can see from a distance that there's still a place that looks like that. Good.

The site where the LAPD SWAT armored car showed nice incompetence and was hit by a terrorist with a rocket-propelled grenade. There is a glass roof and large pillars that were not there when the movie was shot. A silver railing of the same shape is proudly there, reminiscent of a scene from the movie. Good.

The entrance where SWAT team members fall one after another. On the other side of this entrance, there should be a security room where the terrorists were camped out (or rather, watching a baseball game with CCTV), but I would not dare to enter this building without a quandary. Well, now that I think about it, the security guards at 20th Century Studios might have been generous enough to greet the pilgrim Japanese of their own hit production. (I tend to have convenient delusions.)

But it is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that the building is 35 years old. And yet the city is trashy, trashy, trashy, trashy.

この青空とビル、周囲の高層ビルと相まって終始 シムシティ2000のBGMが脳内再生余裕状態
Combined with the blue sky, buildings, and surrounding skyscrapers, the background music of "SimCity 2000" kept playing in my brain from beginning to end.   そんな楽しいナカトミプラザを離れ、遂に ハリウッドのウォークオブフェームを見る為に再びバスに乗車。(優先度ェ・・・)
映画大好きポンポさんのニャリウッド巡礼でもしようかと思ったんですが、 ユニバーサルスタジオは真逆の方向。
なので諦め、なんとなくグーグルマップで沢山検索に出て来たスタジオがいっぱい点在する「 サンセットブルバード」の南あたりを散策開始。 Leaving the delightful Nakatomi Plaza, we finally boarded the bus again to see Hollywood's Walk of Fame. (Priority level...) I continue eastward with the Beverly Hills Cop district on our side. I was going to make a pilgrimage to Nyaliwood for Pompo The Cinephile, but Universal Studios is the exact opposite direction. I gave up and started walking around the area south of "Sunset Blvd," which is dotted with studios that came up in many searches on Google Maps.   これが悲劇の始まりでした
This was the beginning of tragedy.   同日16時53分頃
4:53 PM of the same day   加害者 ギャングな男性1名
被害者 バイク1台 乗車の男性1名
    乗用車3台 乗車の男女計4名
Assailant: 1 gangster male Victim: 1 motorcycle, 1 male passenger     3 vehicles, total of 4 male and female passengers     Me

I couldn't move for about 10 seconds. I thought there might be some injury that I didn't notice, so I stayed still until the paramedics arrived.
Following is details   ①ギャングな車が交差点50m前ぐらいでバイク吹っ飛ばす
⑦You Tubeの事故映像ばりに3m程度はねられる
⑧しかし迫りくる車のトランクを土台に柔道の 前受け身をし、ショックを全て吸収しつつ後ろに飛ばされながら地面に着地と同時に 後ろ受け身を実施。たぶんバキに作画される。
⑩ギャングな人、いい感じに逃走 (1) A gangster car blows up a motorcycle about 50 meters before the intersection.
(2) He starts running away.
(3) He entered intersection with a red light. (4) Cars coming from the right and left hit him one after another. (5) One of the cars crashes into the side of intersection. (6) It hit me walking through the side of intersection, not so fast, but clean hit. (7) I was thrusted away by about 3m like the accident video on You Tube. (8) However, I used the trunk of an approaching car as a foundation for a judo ante-uke, absorbing all the impact of the judo ante-uke as I landed on the ground while being sent flying backward and backward at the same time. Perhaps it will be depicted in Baki. (9) And I had no injury (only an abrasion on the elbow) (9) Gangster's car was not allowed to run. (10) He hit and ran.

A lady still in the car. After this, everyone kicked the door and rescued her.
The lady was fine, but she was taken to the amburance. Probably feeling bruised or something.

LAPDs are at risk day and night

Above us, an LAPD helicopter circled out of nowhere in about 2 minutes. Probably in pursuit of the fleeing gang. Too fast to arrive. Just like in the movie men.

って感じでした。It was like that.
By the way, after being interviewed & surgically checked by LAPD, I was immediately released. It seems that LAPD doesn't want to add every single person involved unless they are injured with blood everywhere or something.
ワイ、被害者では?って思ったけど、横にいた2人のイケてる黒人ねーちゃん(超ミニスカでおっぱいバインでヒール高いで爪長いでまつ毛バチバチ)に「 コイツらこんなもんだYO♪ てかマジあんた大丈夫!? もろヒットしててビビったー。飛んでてビビったーヤバナイ???lololololololololololololololo」って感じで、とてもカリフォルニアちっくな言葉のシャワーを浴びました。
I thought I was the victim.
Two hot black girls beside me (super mini skirts, big boobs, high heels, long nails, eyelashes) said to me, "LAPDs are always like this!" And they said to me, "That's what LAPD always look like!" After that, pussy said to me, "You were flying so high! That was scary! That was really scary. letrill~ lol emoji~"
Talking with girls were probably the best sightseeing in LA.
Judo was just something I did in high school, 5,000 years ago, but my body remembers it. I was glad to be safe, but the sound of the tire skirting noise made by the car approaching in front of me lingered in my ears, and I had a phobia of skirting for a while. Surprisingly, I started to freak out and react to a little bit of city skirting noise.   そんな事故にも関わらず気を取り直し、当初目的のハリウッドのウォークオブフェーム見てさっさと帰ろう。
Despite such an accident, let's get back on track, see Hollywood's Walk of Fame, which was our original goal, and get the hell out of here.

Former Kodak Theater The Dolby Theater

Mark of the esteemed Keanu Reeves.  
Some jokers are there. Note: Do not talk to them as they are scammers who charge for photos for tourists!

斜め向かいのマックで遅めの昼飯 18時頃
Late lunch at the McDonald's diagonally across the street. Around 6 PM.   そんなロサンゼルス旅でした。
This is how I traveled to Los Angeles.


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